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The office furniture market in South Africa

Il mercato dei mobili per ufficio in Sud Africa

Pages: 59 | Edizione: Febbraio 2010, © CSIL | Lingua: Inglese | Prezzo: Euro 1000 + IVA 22% |


In 2009 production of office furniture in South Africa accounted for US$ 215 million. Although affected by the global downturn last year, the country is likely to show a surprising recovery during the middle quarters of 2010. The increasing trends in consumers demand, the ongoing relevant public sector spending and the 2010 FIFA World Cup will contribute to South African robust acceleration.

CSIL Market Research The Office Furniture Market in South Africa provides market trends and updated data on the office furniture production, consumption, import and exports.

Office furniture production is reported by segment (office seating, desks, executive furniture, filling and storage). Office furniture imports and exports are broken down by country and geographical area of origin/destination.

The research is enriched by an in-depth analysis of the office furniture demand determinants: the construction industry, the investment climate, the employment trend and the demand from related sectors (education, hotel and restaurants).

Office furniture distribution is broken down by direct sales (including show rooms and owned stores), dealers, architects and specifiers.

Figures on sales and market shares for a sample of local manufacturers are also provided.

Among the considered products: office seating, operative desks, executive furniture, filing and storage systems.


The Economy
Country indicators (Population, Economic and Social Indicators)
Trend GDP and Inflation
The furniture industry summary
Basic data (production, international trade and consumption) in value. The openness of the furniture market in percentage values
The office furniture industry sector
Basic data (production, international trade and consumption) in value.
Office Furniture production by segment (office seating, desking, executive furniture, filling and storage)
Production for a sample of manufacturers (sales and percentage of total country production)
Location of a sample of South African office furniutre manufacturers
Office Furniture consumption by segment (seating, operative desks, executive Furniture, filling and storage) and by region
Consumption and demand determinants
Construction sector and investment climate
Value of non-residential buildings completed
The employment trend by segment (manufacturing, construction, retail, business& financial services, community and social services)
Hospitality and Hotels
Sector Competition
Sales of office furniture in a sample of companies
Office Furniture distribution by channel (dealers, direct sales, general contractors)
International trade
Imports/Exports of office furniture by country and by geographical origin/destination
Imports and exports procedures
List of 140 operators among office furniture manufacturers, distributors, architects and contractors
The office furniture market in South Africa (Il mercato dei mobili per ufficio in Sud Africa) - S.55

© CSIL Pagine: 59 | Edizione: Febbraio 2010 | Lingua: Inglese | Prezzo: Euro 1000 + IVA 22% |

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